Plantinga – the ontological argument

The third theistic argument I wish to discuss is the famous “ontological argument” first formulated by Anselm of Canterbury in the eleventh century. This argument for the existence of God has fascinated philosophers ever since Anselm first stated it. Few people, I should think, have been brought to belief in God by means of this argument; nor has it played much of a role in strengthening and confirming religious faith. At first sight Anselm’s argument is remarkably unconvincing if not downright irritating; it looks too much like a parlor puzzle or word magic. And yet nearly every major philosopher from the time of Anselm to the present has had something to say about it; this argument has a long and illustrious line of defenders extending to the present.

From “The Ontological Argument” by Alvin Plantinga

An essay on “The Ontological Argument” by Alvin Plantinga.








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