Cosmological argument – key words

A list of key words to make sure you know, relating to the cosmological argument.


Key words

— Cosmos – Universe.

— Contingency – Something that may or may not happen and depends on something else to make it happen.

— A posteriori – A statement that can be proved by empirical evidence.

— A priori – An argument that is based on knowledge and not experience.

— Ex nihilo – Out of nothing.

— St Thomas Aquinas – Medieval philosopher.

— Potentiality – Capabilities within someone that are as yet undeveloped.

— Actuality – The reality of something at this moment of time.

— Efficient cause – A cause that is capable of performing an action and bringing about a desired result.

— Kalam – Muslim version of the cosmological argument.

— Infinite – Limitless.

— Potential infinite – Something like the universe where it is possible to add on one more series of events.

— Actual infinite – A mathematical concept found in set theory where it is not growing towards infinity but already is infinite.







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