Is intelligent design a rehash of Paley’s watch?

Isn’t intelligent design just a rehash of William Paley’s 19th C design arguments, refuted by Hume and Darwin?

Intelligent design theory is criticized as being a “rehash” of the “old design arguments of “William Paley” which David Hume and Darwin clearly refuted in the 18th century (for example see “Not (Just) in Kansas Anymore” by Eugenie C. Scott, Science 2000 May 5; 288: 813-815). This excerpt from an article in American Biology Teacher provides a perfect caricature of this objection:

“The Intelligent Design (ID) movement is a reincarnation of a 200-year-old idea that goes back to William Paley. That theologian wrote that the existence of a watch is tantamount to the existence of a watchmaker, since natural forces could not have created a watch. By analogy, he claimed that complex living things should require direct, divine intervention by a creator. That argument – as science – has been demolished by two centuries of scientific progress.” (Intelligent Design Creationism: A Threat to Society – Not Just Biology, American Biology Teacher, Jan 2004, by Marshall Berman)

But what exactly did Paley argue and what exactly did Darwin (and his successors) supposedly refute?

From the IDEA Center website

Here is a defence of intelligent design for you to evaluate.







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