Teleological argument – past questions

Teleological argument

Past questions from 2005 to 2011.

June 2005.a). Explain Humes objections to the teleological arguments [25].

b). “God is the most likely explanation of the design in the universe” discuss [10].

June 2006

a). Explain how teleological argument attempt to prove the existence of God [25]

b). “Mille proved that teleological argument cannot prove the existence of God” discuss [10]

Jan 2007

a). Explain Paley’s version of the teleological argument and Mill’s objections to it. [25]

b). “Evolution leaves no room for a designer of the universe.” Discuss. [10]

June 2008

a) Explain the strengths and weaknesses of Aquinas’ teleological argument. [25]

b) “Human beings see ‘design’ in the universe where none exists.” Discuss. [10]

Jan 2009

a) Explain why some philosophers argue that evidence of design in the universe proves the existence of God. [25]

b) “Mill’s discussion of evil successfully undermines the argument from design.” Discuss. [10]

Jan 2010

a) Explain Mill’s challenge to the teleological argument. [25]

b) Evaluate the claim that the universe has too many flaws for it to be designed. [10]

June 2011

a) Explain Paley’s argument for the existence of God. [25]

b) “The universe has no purpose.” Discuss. [10]







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