Ontological argument – past questions

June 2002

a) Explain the ontological argument from Anselm and Gaunilo’s objection to it. [25]

b) “The ontological argument can never overcome Kant’s objection that existence is not a predicate.” Discuss. [10]

June 2005

a) Explain Descartes’ ontological argument. [25]

b) “The ontological argument will only convince those who already believe in God.” Discuss. [10]

June 2006

a) Explain why am Anselms’ ontological argument concludes with God has to exist. [25]

b) “Anselm’s ontological argument is wrong.” Discuss. [10]

Jan 2007

a) Explain the challenges of Gaunilo and Kant to the ontological argument. [25]

b) “The ontological argument is a convincing argument.” Discuss. [10]

June 2010

a) Explain Anselm’s ontological argument. [25]

b) “It is pointless to deny the logical necessity of the existence of God.” Discuss. [10]

Jan 2012

a) Explain how Kant challenged the ontological argument. [25]

b) To what extent was Kant successful in his criticisms of the ontological argument? [10]








Past Questions

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