God’s attributes

A link to an article on the nature of God from the Encyclopedia of Christian Apologetics.

“Natural Theology deals with what can be known about the existence and nature of God by natural reason, apart from any supernatural revelation. According to classical theists such as Tomas Aquinas (1225-1274), all of the essential metaphysical attributes of God can be known by natural reason. This includes God’s aseity, simplicity, immutability, eternality, unity, infinity, and morality.”

An article on the nature of God from the Encyclopedia of Christian Apologetics.

  • Aseity (self-existence)
  • Simplicity (indivisibility)
  • Necessity (non-contingency)
  • Immutability (unchangeability)
  • Impassability (without passions)
  • Eternity (non-temporality)
  • Immensity
  • Unity
  • Relatability (to the world)
  • God’s knowledge
  • God’s will






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