Essay mark scheme – God and sacred writings


To what extent can God reveal himself through sacred writings? [35] AO1 Jan 2011

Some candidates may begin by exploring the extent to which scripture can be seen as “the word of God”. Obviously they can use any of the scriptures they have studied – the key question is, are they the words of humanity or of a divinity?

Many candidates will use their knowledge of propositional and non-propositional views on faith and scripture. A propositional belief on the content of faith is a series of truths, or a set of propositions, revealed by God. Faith then is a matter of assent to those truths. Non-propositional views, as the name implies, argue that the content of revelation is not a series of truths, or propositions, which God as taught humanity, but rather the self-revelation of God. God reveals himself and humanity responds in faith. Some candidates may point out that the propositional approach can be seen as “Belief that … such and such a proposition is true, whereas non-propositional faith is belief in …” Others may base their essay around liberal and fundamentalist approaches to scriptural exegesis.Some candidates use writings from their own particular religious tradition.


In their evaluation candidates are likely to build on whichever approach they have taken when explaining what revelation through scripture is all about; if, for example, they have taken a direct approach through liberalist and fundamentalist approaches they may assess the extent to which those who believe that God speaks to us directly through scripture have any evidence or justification for this belief. They may then evaluate whether not a more liberal approach is any more or less successful.

If candidates answer the question through propositional and non-propositional approaches they may assess the extent to which these beliefs speak to faith but not a direct contact to a God.






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