Goodness of God – quotes


  • Exodus 20 1-21 – Note down the Ten Commandments: mark which ones are positive actions and which are not.  What reason is given for these commandments in v20?
  • Jeremiah 15.6: What will God do to those who exploit the weak?


  • God is not an Unmoved Mover, He is made angry and hurt – look up Jeremiah 3 – what does this suggest about God’s character?
  • What does God ask Abraham to do in Genesis 22 1-19? What are the characteristics God portrays?  What problems does this story raise?
  • What type of God is depicted in Psalm 23? Note down part of the Psalm.
  • What does God do in Hosea 11.1-4?
  • What does Psalm 19.7 state?
  • In the New Testament God shows goodness through Jesus. Note down John 3.16.
  • Read Joshua 10. 1-15. Summarise the story. What are the characteristics God shows in the passage?
  • Explain the similarities and differences between God in Judaism and Christianity and Aristotle’s Prime Mover.





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