Stace on mystical experiences

“… Stace sets off searching for a set of characteristics common to all mystical experiences (yet different from other types of experience) that constitutes the universal core of mystical experience. (The payoff of such a project should be noted: Stace claims the presence of a common, universal core is necessary grounds to establish the objective validity of mysticism.)”

Extract from a book review by Tim Knepper from 2001, of Walter T. Stace’s Mysticism and Philosophy (Lippincott, 1960).

book review by Tim Knepper of Walter T. Stace’s Mysticism and Philosophy.

Mark Fonda has provided this note-form version of William James’ Varieties of Religious Experience.

  1. Scan down and find the section which most interests you.
  2. Read it for yourself via Project Gutenberg.







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