Jennifer Lopez and falsification

Here is an example of how falsification works from Philosophy of Religion by Jones, Cardinal and Hayward (pages 194-195). If you want a biblical example, you’ll find it in the Book of Job. There, no matter what horrors Job faces, he continues to believe God loves him and “I know that my Redeemer lives”.

Imagine you have a friend who is convinced that Jennifer Lopez has romantic feelings for him. More than this, he claims Jennifer Lopez loves him. So his claim is:

Jennifer Lopez loves me.

In questioning this claim you point out that Ms Lopez’s agent called your friend recently, and told him to stop sending flowers, love poems and personal effects. The agent made it very clear that Ms Lopez was not interested. But your friend explains to you that the agent was merely protecting his client from the damaging effects of her passion. Eventually Jennifer Lopez herself calls to tell your friend that if his pestering doesn’t stop she will call her lawyers. he tells you that she is just playing hard to get. His original claim is now qualified as follows:

Jennifer Lopez loves me (but she is playing hard to get).

You explain patiently that she doesn’t even know him; that she has never seen him; and that she is known to be in love with someone else. However, your friend claims that this is because she has to keep her love for him secret in order to avoid a scandal in the tabloid newspapers. You realise that he’s made further adjustment to his claim:

Jennifer Lopez loves me (but she is playing hard to get and it is a deeply secret love).

Even when the court order arrives forcing your friend to stay at least 2 miles away from Ms Lopez, your friend explains to you that her entourage don’t want her to become romantically involved with one so young.

Jennifer Lopez loves me (but she is playing hard to get, it is a deeply secret love, and her entourage is conspiring to prevent us getting together).

Eventually you ask him if there is anything anyone could say or do, anything that could happen, that would demonstrate to him that Jennifer Lopez doesn’t love him. he confesses that nothing could come between him and J-Lo, that her love for him is forever, and even if she doesn’t realise it yet, deep down she will always be in love with him.

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